Business Accounts and
Debit Card.

For EU and UK registered companies, our business accounts offer unparalleled convenience and security. With our debit card, manage your finances seamlessly, enjoy exclusive benefits, and drive your business forward. Join us today and empower your business!

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Key Features

EU Accounts

Get a dedicated
EUR currency IBAN
and a GBP currency account in your company name.

EU Payments

Experience the convenience of instant payments across 34 EU countries with SEPA Instant.

UK Local Payments

Get access to the UK local payment system and pay through local channels in GBP currency.

Debit Cards

Order virtual or physical debit cards linked to your business account.

Collect and Pay

Simplify Your Transactions: Receive or Send Payments in One Place!

Effortlessly manage all your payments with our user-friendly platform. Whether you're sending or receiving, our service ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient process. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to convenience. Try us today!

EU Payments

SEPA EUR currency payments

UK Payments

UK GBP currency local payments

Mass Payment Solution

Process high volume of payments.

Eliminate Manual Entry

Save time and resources by uploading all your payments with just one click. Create an Excel sheet and streamline your transactions effortlessly. Join us today and experience the efficiency of automated payments!

Suppliers and Payroll

Our mass payment solution is ideal for paying suppliers or payroll to your employees. Streamline your transactions, enhance efficiency, and manage your finances effortlessly.

Generate Reports

Access a simplified online dashboard to view all your business transactions and generate reports effortlessly. Download system-generated reports in Excel or PDF format, perfect for accounting or auditing purposes. Join us today and simplify your financial management!


Smarter Debit

Order your business debit card to make your life easier and cashless. Each debit card is linked to your business account, and all card transactions are recorded automatically in your business statement.

Total Control Over Spending !

Gain complete control over your spending with our business debit card. Set custom spending limits, freeze your card, delete it, and more, all at your fingertips. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and security.

Simplify Your Accounts Payable Process !

Track all your business invoices and expenses in one place effortlessly with our debit cards. Streamline your accounts payable process and stay organized with ease. Join us today and take control of your finances!

Cash Withdrawals Made Easy !

EU companies can access a physical debit card with us. Use the company physical debit card to withdraw cash from any nearby ATM across the globe. Enjoy convenience and flexibility wherever your business takes you. Join us today and simplify your cash management!


Travel Cashless with Your Business VISA Debit Card!

Experience hassle-free travel by going cashless with your business's physical VISA debit card. Whether you're on a business trip or exploring new opportunities abroad, rely on our card for seamless transactions wherever you go.

Shop Worldwide with Ease

Pay at any shopping outlet across the globe with our VISA debit card. Enjoy the convenience and security of making purchases wherever your business takes you.

Withdraw Cash

Withdraw cash from any ATM across the globe using our business debit card. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of accessing your funds wherever your business journey takes you.

Account Pricing

Refer here for Full Pricing.

EU companies

euro 19.99/month


For Companies registered in the EU

EU IBAN and GBP currency account
SEPA and UK payments
optional virtual card
optional physical card
Register Your EU Company !

UK Companies

gbp 19.99/month


For Companies registered in the UK

EU IBAN and GBP currency account
SEPA and UK payments
optional virtual card
physical card not available in this case
Register Your UK Company  !

Simplify your
money flow now ! offers an easy way to get started with payments. Get your business account approved in just 3 days. Don't waste your time looking around. This is the right place to start from. Join us today and streamline your financial operations effortlessly!


Apply Now for a Business Account
and Get Your VISA Debit Card!

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